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Jinqiao Investment Holding Co., Ltd. is the first private enterprise without being subject to administrative division in Xiangtan, Hunan with the approval the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It has 2,200 employees, including 56 professors and associate professors, 50 employees with doctorate and master’s degree, and 686 undergraduates. The company hires 30,000 employees throughout the year. The company’s total assets at the end of 2015 exceeded 10 billion yuan. The cumulative development and construction area reaches 12 million square meters, and the land reserves of various natures exceed 35 million square meters.
      After 29 years of business development, the company has formed four business sectors of real estate development, culture/education/medical care, construction and property management services, and finance/securities/investment, and has 35 holding subsidiaries. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development awarded the national class-A real estate development qualifications, national class-A general contracting qualifications in construction, and national class-A property management service qualifications to the company. Approved by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education, the company solely invested in running Hunan Software Vocational Institute, a private college for full-time education. Covering an area of over 666000 square meters, and having over ten thousand students, the Institute is one of the three professional higher vocational colleges in China that cultivate talents in IT and construction sectors.

The company is also expanding its cultural and media business in Beijing, expanding real estate business in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places, and establishing companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The company set up a product research and development center in Beijing. The company harnesses its environmental protection, energy-saving, and technology products to create a large-scale urban complex in the form of commercial real estate, culture and real estate, and headquarters economy, and moves towards being an urban operator. The company has been awarded many honorary titles such as “Hunan Province Honest Enterprise”, “Hunan Province Credit Enterprise in Banking System” and “Hunan Province Unit Honoring Credit and Fulfilling Contracts”. The projects have been rated as “China · Xiangtan International Habitat Environment Community” and “Hunan Famous Buildings” for many times. In 2012, it was rated as a national “enterprise honoring credit and fulfilling contracts”. In 2014, the company ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in Hunan Province and ranked second in the development and construction industry. it is the only famous real estate company in Hunan in the list of “TOP 10 Real Estate Companies in Brand Value in Central China in 2014”, with a corporate brand value of 1.113 billion yuan, ranking 8th among the brand real estate enterprises in Central China. In 2015-2019, the company was listed among China’s Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises for five years consecutively.

Jinqiao people gain credibility through their sense of responsibility and contribute to society to reflect the corporate value of Jinqiao. So far, cumulative investment or donation to public welfare has exceeded 1.6 billion yuan. It invested nearly 1.5 billion yuan to build Hunan Software Vocational Institute, which can accommodate 25,000 students from all over the country; Jinqiao invested more than 50 million yuan to build Jinqiao Hospital to solve the local farmers’ difficulties of seeking medical treatment. With a foothold in Hunan, Jinqiao has interests in over 20 provinces, municipalities and regions, including Xinjiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Taiwan; it has donated millions of yuan to help the disabled and orphans and build rural roads; donated over one million yuan to poverty-stricken families in rural areas in Northwest China; sponsored Hunan Education Foundation, and invested in the establishment of Hunan Software Vocational Institute’s Charity Base; the company donated 2 million yuan to relieve the rare snow-ice disaster that hit Human in January 2008; the company donated 6 million yuan to sponsor “Bayi Xiangtan” football team and the 11th Hunan Provincial Games held in Xiangtan, contributing to the development of the cultural and sports undertakings in Xiangtan.

In the future,Jinqiao Group will harness its sustainable and efficient operation and rapid
      Growth to become China’s leading large-scale comprehensive investment group
      and evolve into a century-old enterprise!